RMEF Again Calls for Transparency from Wildlife Conservation Organizations

MISSOULA, Mont.—In a continuing effort to ensure the future of wildlife resources and hunting opportunities, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation announced it will return 100 percent of the revenue it generates from the auction of state special big game permits through its national events and programs to the individual states. . . .

“It’s of paramount importance to RMEF to not only be responsible for the money raised for wildlife, but to follow those funds from start to finish to make sure those who use them do so for their intended purpose,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “Sportsmen and women need to demand transparency and hold RMEF and all wildlife agencies and conservation organizations accountable, especially for the money and its use. These tags are a matter of public trust and we are proud to be part of that effort.”

Allen went to reissue a call to all other wildlife conservation groups to allow full and complete transparency of all their financial information including the publishing of their audited financials from each fiscal year. “We voluntarily submit to independent audits of our annual finances. Why should we not make this information available to our members and the public at-large? If we were a publicly traded business we would have to do this on a regular basis. Let’s do it as a matter of respect for, and accountability to, our members and the public.

Public trust is one of seven cornerstones to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation which highlights two basic principles – that our fish and wildlife belong to all Americans and that they need to be managed in a way that their populations will be sustained forever. Sportsmen and women provide the bulk of wildlife management and habitat funding to state agencies through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses as well as self-imposed taxes implemented decades ago. They also make donations to and support conservation organizations like RMEF.

via RMEF Waives All Revenue from National Convention Tags; Again Calls for Transparency from All Wildlife Groups.

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