Elderberry 2013 Symposium!

We are pleased to announce the organization of the First International Symposium on Elderberry Sambucus, to be held in Columbia, Missouri, USA, June 9–14, 2013. This will be the world’s first gathering of international scientists from multiple disciplines studying all aspects of the elderberry plant and fruit, and its use as a food and dietary supplement. Horticulturists, Botanists, Biochemists, Food Scientists, Economists, and others will gather in Missouri, USA during peak elderberry flowering season for several days of scientific exchange and fellowship. Together, we will raise elderberry to the scientific level it deserves.

Overlapping with and immediately following the scientific portion of the Symposium June 9 – 12 will be the Elderberry Producers Symposium June 13 – 14, consisting of two days of additional exchange among elderberry scientists and producers / processors.

The Symposium is being organized under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Science, and research papers resulting from the Symposium will be published in a peer-reviewed stand-alone volume of Acta Horticulturae.

If you have questions regarding Symposium program content, please contact: Andrew Thomas, University of Missouri, Southwest Research Center, 14548 Highway H,Mt. Vernon, MO  65712  USA; Email: thomasal@missouri.edu; Phone: 417-466-0065

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