The Harpo Foundation Artist Grant Program

Grant Program Overview

Application Process and Deadlines

Harpo Foundation uses a 2-step application process to review proposals submitted by artists and non-profit institutions and fiscal sponsors who seek support on behalf of artists.

The foundation receives many more applications than it is able to fund. Therefore, as a way to guide applicants through an open process, letters of inquiry must be submitted prior to being invited to submit a full application.

Step One: Letter of Inquiry

• Eligible candidates interested in applying for a grant must first submit a letter-of-inquiry online.2013 Letter of Inquiry for Individual Artists

2013 Letter of Inquiry for Organizations and Fiscal Sponsors

• Letter of Inquiry Deadline: April 5, 2013 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

• Notification: Applicants will be notified by May 24, 2013 if a full application is requested

Step Two: Full Proposal

• Applicants whose projects best match the foundation’s priorities and interests will be invited to submit a full proposal, notified by the foundation by May 24, 2013

• Applicants must submit full proposals using the foundation’s online application available May 24, 2013

• Full proposal deadline: June 14, 2013 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

• Notification: Grant decisions announced no later than November 1, 2013.


The foundation considers proposals that directly support the production of new work by visual artists and/or collaborative teams who are under recognized by the field. This production may happen in the context of an installation, public intervention, residency, or exhibition.


  • As of March 2013, individual artists who are U.S. citizens may submit proposals on their own behalf. Non-U.S. citizens, even permanent residents of the U.S., are ineligible. Artists who are students at the time of the application deadline are ineligible.
  • Tax exempt 501c3 organizations are eligible.
  • Institutions in countries outside of the United States are eligible but if awarded must be prepared to supply the foundation with a legal affidavit written in English qualifying its tax exempt activities and structure.
  • Presenting venues and hosting organizations may only submit one application a year.
  • Fiscal sponsors may submit proposals on behalf of more than one artist a year.

In its grantmaking, Harpo Foundation prioritizes projects that advance and cross the boundaries of visual media and artistic disciplines. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of the quality of the artist’s work, the potential to expand aesthetic inquiry, and the strength of its relationship to the foundation’s priority to provide support to visual artists who are under recognized by the field.

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