New West Yellowstone Foundation Director

Pierre Martineau signed on as the new executive director for the West Yellowstone Foundation last week.

Martineau as well as the Foundation’s executive committee has a positive outlook on planning for the new year.

“They are going to give me a try and I’m going to see what I can do,” Martineau said.

He joined the board last summer and started working with the West Yellowstone Foundation Bus operations.

“It has just kind of evolved (from there),” he said. “I think it’s an exciting challenge. The Foundation has a vision statement that is pretty all encompassing from education to economic development and I have a lot of connections around town now and I think I can help. It’s a chance to get the Foundation involved in helping to move the town forward.”

Martineau is a long-time West Yellowstone resident and he currently serves as the deputy mayor and a council member for the Town of West Yellowstone, acts as the assistant varsity basketball coach for the West Yellowstone Lady Wolverines and serves on a variety of committees, boards and organizations like Community West Outreach and the West Yellowstone Economic Development Council.

“I’ve known Pierre for a long, long time and to me, he is extremely well qualified for the job. He has been around here a long time and I think he has a deep consideration and care for the welfare of the community,” West Yellowstone Foundation co-founder Arne Siegel said. “Because of his background and his experience, this is a phrase I use, ‘He will do better than most people we could have hired.’”

Plans for the future include Martineau’s outlook to raise more money to put back into the community and to expand bus service for the Foundation Bus.

“We want to maybe expand bus service into Yellowstone and the Madison Junction and we want to go five days a week in the summer (from West Yellowstone to Bozeman),” he said.

The bus provides people with safe and affordable transportation to Bozeman for anything from a doctor’s appointment to a possible job interview or access to additional services. The Foundation has had to increase the bus fare recently due to fuel costs, labor, insurance and wages for drivers, Martineau said.

The vision statement for the West Yellowstone Foundation covers many focus areas that the non-profit organization tries to assist with in the community including arts and culture, education, economic vitality, environment and historical preservation. The executive committee is also discussing a strategic plan for the future.

via Martineau is new West Yellowstone Foundation executive director – West Yellowstone News Online: News.

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