Action Called for by Hunger-striking First Nation Chief

On First Nations Chief Theresa Spence’s 20th day of her politically motivated hunger strike, Canadians and politicians answered her plea for solidarity for her cause to secure a meeting between First Nations leaders, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Governor General.

The Attawapiskat chief sent Friday a public plea to make Sunday a day of solidarity, asking Canadians to stage protests across the country and petitioning politicians to meet with her in Ottawa, both at 2 p.m.

Attawapiskat chief willing to die to force Harper meeting

A number of politicians are starting to make the trek to Victoria Island, Ottawa where the chief is residing in a teepee, including a 15-member NDP delegation, Valérie Dufour, the partys deputy director of strategic communications, told CBC News.

via Hunger-striking chief calls for action amidst health concerns – Canada – CBC News. Video coverage available at this link.

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