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Using the terminology (or language) of a Federal Request for Proposals (RFP) is indispensable in winning a grant but insufficient to demonstrate that an applicant is being responsive to an RFP.


Criteria Wording:

One way to show responsiveness is to adopt and use verbatim the selection criteria as headings and subheadings for a proposal narrative. Use the wording in its entirety. In addition, use the numbering system of the criteria in an RFP, such as (1)(a), (1)(b), or II.A., II.B. Apply these tactics in organizing a narrative to make it easier for reviewers to locate and evaluate the merits of an applicant’s responses to each selection criterion.


Criteria Lengths:

Shorten a criterion’s wording only if it frees up space for a proposal that is pushing its page limit, but do so sparingly and as a last resort. And just shorten the wording; do not entirely or largely rephrase…

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