Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity

Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity… INDEED!

In what has been a scorching summer, OFRF is rolling out some very cool stuff. The new site you are now visiting was built for organic farmers. They told us what they needed and from all the positive reviews were receiving– we delivered. And, well keep delivering with updates and added features every month.

The new online destination for organic farmers serves as a stage for us to present to the world the first science-based, peer-reviewed report Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity. This comprehensive report extols the multiple societal benefits of organic farming in North America. To partner with stakeholders who share in these benefits, OFRF produced this document for policy makers, educators, researchers, healthcare professionals, business leaders and families, like yours and mine.Please spread the word that when an organic farmer succeeds, we all thrive.

via Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity… INDEED! | Organic Farming Research Foundation.

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