Writing and the Arts Help Some Veterans: Brain Injury Recovery Support and Distance from Trauma

“Writing allows us to shape and control traumatic memories,” Mr. Capps says. He goes on to say that through writing those who suffer can distance themselves from the trauma, introducing metaphor and narrative to what would otherwise be a re-living of a life or death moment – a flashback to when their brain and body were in fight or flight mode.

“Lots of people are skeptical that this works,” he says. “But there are 20 years of studies.”

And while it won’t be helpful for everyone, “Some of these guys are now writing as part of their individual recovery,” he adds.

The arts have been shown to be excellent forms of therapy for service members and veterans. There are many organizations promoting artistic healing and that claim outstanding results. Organizations such as They Drew Fire use drawing and now there is the Veteran Writing Project. . . .

Because of writing, those men are here.

via Writing to Calm and Compose the Injured Brain-NYTimes.com.

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